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Jim Hodges
Untitled (one day it all comes true) 2013
denim fabric and thread
720 x 1,440 in

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shasha kumatz

shasha kumatz

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/ enter the dragon series /
i edited the series on behance – new selection

Text 7 Aug 660 notes "To be honest, I’m interested in stories about people of all genders who are subject to despair and abjection, but I don’t usually attack those emotions as hard with female characters as I do with male characters, because to my mind there already exist more than enough romantic stories about women helplessly suffering, I don’t want to create more stories that seem to congratulate women for their self-sacrifice. Femininity as a social construct is essentially the eroticization of vulnerability. Conversely, men have been rarely allowed to feel helpless, weak, exhausted, or afraid in a narrative, other than to lend nobility to that character’s later conquest of the scene, whereupon the plot is resolved. So I give male characters primacy where those emotions are concerned, and I try to give my female characters opportunities to be selfish, dishonest, demanding, and guarded, without facing negative consequences for being so."
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Ned Vena - Untitled (2009)


Ned Vena - Untitled (2009)

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